• Series 1 - Distorted Lounging

    Distorted Lounging was the culmination of a three year project across Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Specifically in Carrara, Jaffa and Tokyo.


    The series looks at privacy and loneliness in the 21st century. The latter part of the series uses these subjects to explore the relationship between women and men primarily in Asia and the Middle East.

    The acclaimed picture Women Going Gold embodies this theme. The women are all reading different political agendas, a left wing, centre and right wing newspaper. Here the women are alone, reading, able to form their own ideas about the world, in whichever political agenda they align with.


    Obscure Affection portrays the desperate need of many to display their entire lives online. This image is a paradox, as the couple place the box on their heads they are shielding themselves away from the cameras above. This obstruction signifies the difficulty to obtain privacy and how it is now a forgotten luxury.

    The couple represent the future. As times evolve and our lives unconsciously continue to be dictated by our surroundings, privacy will once again be craved.